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Monday, September 14, 2009

Wine of the Week: Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc

Merry Edwards, as a winery, is still very new to the game. They were incorporated in 1997 and started to produce wine only in the early 2000s. Although new, do not let this fool you. In 1973, Merry Edwards became one of the first woman winemakers in California. Thus, she is certainly not inexperienced and brings a very unique approach to her wines. Many wineries are focused on the bottom line, while she states that their focus is on gentle, traditional, labor intensive winemaking practices. You can clearly experience this difference in their wines.

Today’s Sauvignon Blanc is of the vintage following their classic 2007 which was dubbed by James Laube of Wine Spectator as, “the greatest Sauvignon Blanc I’ve ever had from anywhere.” It garnered a very prestegious 96 points.

Can the 2008 possibly follow-up such a wonderful vintage?

2008, Merry Edwards, Sauvignon Blanc, Russian River Valley, California – $35

The 2008, like the previous vintages, was created from Musqué (a Sauvignon Blanc clone) and then barrel fermented. These two factors give this wine a very nice medium to full body feel, compared to most Sauvignon Blancs that offer a lean and crisp feel. The nose was of very mellow lemon zest with a hint of lilac. The palate offered a nice array of fruit beginning with green apple and brown pear and then introducing grapefruit towards the end. From nose to mouth this is a wonderfully complex wine and the acidity is mouthwatering.

The 2008 is a terrific response to the question posed earlier. This is the most unique Sauvignon Blanc I have had. Due to the lush acidity and supple body, this will pair terrifically with any seafood. Personally, the seafood dish picked should be very clean and possibly offer a light citrus sauce to fully compliment this wine.

Wine Spectator is yet to rate the 2008, but when/if they do I am sure it will have another terrific rating. To me, this wine is a classic. It will certainly age very well for about 5-7 years due to its crafting and natural traits. I rate this wine 95 points, because it is the best white wine I have ever had.


  1. Hi Erol, glad you enjoyed the wine. Just so you know, the retail price direct from our website is only $30, and we can ship directly via UPS. Interested readers should act quickly, as we only have about 100 cases left of the 2008 vintage. Thanks!

  2. Ben, thanks for the update. I appreciate you taking the time to share that info. Please keep us abreast of any other useful information.

    I hope some of you take Ben's advice. If there is anything coming up (i.e. - holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc), this would be a terrific gift or wine to share with others.